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Our goal at Nakia's Peace of Life is to create amazingly crafted nutrient dense raw dishes, that optimize your bodies rejuvenation during the journey of life. Everything Nakia's Peace of Life provides is a significant step out of the box containing protein shakes, energy bars and fake foods. While pathing the way to enjoying food the way nature intended, we uphold ourselves to high standards to be able to create dishes with little to no processing which results in foods that are simply the best.










Nakia's Peace of Life, LLC is a family run business focused on crafting the very best Raw food dishes and services to compliment your day. Excellence rings in every thing we do! With a commitment to providing real foods with love in every bite, our specially crafted dishes will never let you down. From the smallest to most challenging task our family is commited to doing their best which always results in success. We Live Life to the fullest, Laugh often and always remember to love.

We love to share love in everything we do. From praising our produce to creating love juice. Every step is consciously planned out to eliminate the possibility of creating foods that are empty, distasteful and bring about doubt. We are proud to create foods that embody love in every bite.


Today we are aware of day-to-day challenges that make eating healthy seem to be out of reach. This is why we are committed to creating wholesome foods for a healthier and happier life. In such a fast pace world many have forgotten what foods are and how they grow. With this in mind our foods will spark remembrance and increase internal growth. We love ourselves and love our food which is transfered and translated as WE LOVE YOU!

Our team consist of a diverse group of people that bring perspectives that contribute to creativity and innovation of the best services offered to our supporting communities. Raw food Chefs, Massage Therapist, Media experts and volunteers are just a few of the titles that makeup this body of art. We have fun, share love and live to  to support, motivate, encourage and challenge each other to be our best selves. This is the type of team I want making my food. We know you do too!

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Nakia's Peace of Life
Nakia's Peace of Life
Nakia's Peace of Life