Nakia Victoria Porter is a community builder driven to uplift, motivate, and encourage others to be authentic in everything they do. As a result of her transformational talks, workshops and creative written works, families begin to heal and liberate their minds, to be the change they seek in the world.

Nakia was born in Washington DC, raised in the inner cities of Alexandria VA and calls the DC, MD and VA(DMV) home. She went to college at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University(NCA&T) in Greensboro NC, Aggie Pride!!! Nakia has a Masters in Computer Science and applies her experiences in order to bridge gaps wherever she finds herself. The support and exposure Nakia received in her youth from her parents, aunts, uncles, grand parents, siblings and cousins empowered her to be a driving force for change and support, for her people no matter what! Nakia does what she does in appreciation for all of those who supported and continue to support her.

Nakia married her best friend Ruben Porter after college and they built a life together, supporting, encouraging and loving each other every step of the way. Nakia and Ruben are parents of 3 beautiful and strong willed children, who all currently reside in California. As a mother, wife, sister and daughter, Nakia knows first hand the importance of positive support and encouragement, all wrapped in LOVE to make it through the challenges of life. The tools of support are what continue to help her as she feels called to share.

Nakia Porter aka Queen Peace, Momma Kia, Coach Kia known by many other names, is an amazing person holistically. Nakia is dedicated to transforming the masses from limited and constraint based thoughts to endless possibilities and opportunities in our minds.

Nakia helps us to heal our hearts and raise the vibrations of love and compassion, in order to make space to overcome any challenge presented with confidence, knowing that “I CAN DO IT!”. Nakia is a very talented writer and speaker, who is very strong in transforming harmful energies into healing ones, with written and spoken art, that raise the vibrations on the planet to meet the needs in our universe today!

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