I’m Fed Up with this sh**t

Now for those that know me, know I suck at using curse words, however, I am a gifted writer. Here I am finally allowing myself to express how I feel on my platform, free of any restraints that I may have believed there were. Now I see I have been in my own way, and I was the gatekeeper of my own life. Writing is to me as a flowing river like the nile, transporting life from one end of life to the next, never failing to deliver. The breeze of the air through my hair, on my cheeks(face that is, chuckle chuckle). Life is showing me so much that allows me to cry, stomp my feet, get angry, be happy and uplifted to my highest heights. Why did I wait so long? What held me back? And WHY NOW? Pandemic, epdemic, the previous owner has failed… And you know what? Thats ok. Because the next generation although they may not know it, have the keys to turn all of this around. Taking a break to check in with the children. Next blog what I see in the current and future generations? Just wait and see… It will blow your mind.

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