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Nakia Porter(Powell) is the President and Executive Director of the non-profit Melanin Day School
Academy and CEO of Nakia’s Peace of Life. Nakia was born and raised in the inner cities of the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia(DMV). Her family, teachers, and advisors presented her with opportunities like the 4H Club, Economics Institute, Orchestra, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), Cheerleading, travel, and exposure to an international community from a very early age. 
Her parents pooled their resources within a diverse network of family, colleagues, and
community to lay the foundation for a strong, academically excellent focus for opportunities in
ceramics, swimming, dance, theatre, computer basics, and music. Her parents, wanting a better
life for Nakia, created a launching pad that would ultimately lead her to design and develop the
programs for the Academy. Nakia is an accomplished software engineer at one of the leading
semiconductor companies in the world. She holds a B.C.S. and M.S.C.S. degrees from North
Carolina A&T State University. She graduated summa cum laude and was awarded the Cyber
Corps Scholarship for Service.

Adult Nakia!

Nakia volunteered at local schools for underrepresented and underserved communities while
working full-time. The great divide between Title I and Title II schools is staggering. The
opportunities presented to the children and the given exposure lacks critical essentials. Nakia
answered her own question, “What would provide enriching activities and similar programs to
these underrepresented and underserved black communities to represent themselves with the
highest quality possible?” Using her research and analytical skills, Nakia became the agent of
positive change she wanted to see in individuals, families, communities, and societies. She
reached out to the community leaders to connect her skills with the community’s needs. As a
homeschool parent, she understood that the lack of resources to bridge the learning divide
increased with every school closing. Delayed lesson plans, a shortage of proficient resources for
educational growth and development, and mental stability were challenging at all levels. The
Academy began on October 3, 2020, as Nakia needed a safe space to heal and thrive herself the Saturday programs were 100% community supported and funded along the way.
The Academy has an intentional curriculum with music, dance, afrobatics, literacy, agriculture,
and STEAM. It is the safest space to share, learn, grow, and thrive together for our community of
members of the African Diaspora. The Academy ran for fifteen months before becoming a non-
profit in December 2021. We are ready to expand to support the families and communities we
live in, with healing at our core, to transform the traumas, passions, and purpose into a reality of
Black communities thriving together evermore.
Nakia is energetic, optimistic, and an overall team player. She uses a combination of technical
and interpersonal skills to solve real-world problems. She supports her peers with empathy to
uplift and promotes a positive environment. Her passions include creating lifetime memories
with her family as a loving wife and mother of three children. She is a published author of
several books available at She is a member of Toastmasters and
volunteers for S.T.E.A.M initiatives. Nakia teaches and coaches people of all ages in being their
best selves. Reach out to to support community work and or email Nakia directly at [email protected]

Nakia also enjoys gardening, dancing, making music, poetry, coaching gymnastics, inspiring and motivating where and when she can! Here are a few images of the fun!

African Dance with Olivia Yasmin

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