Finding Peace in the Storm of Life Is Possible! And I will show you how!

A powerful space to get to know who you are, forgive yourself, love yourself and unapologetically… BE YOURSELF!

A moment of transformation that I will rememeber for the rest of my life! redefining my purpose and meeting a fellow unicorn!
Peeking through the grass at the life you seek to live!

“Being who you are to be, boils down to your unwavering determination of being what you seek”- Nakia P.

Being who I am has come a long way! From an outspoken and courageous young girl, to a spiritually-weakened early-career professional, transformed into an undeniable force to be reckoned with, and NO one or thing, to stand in my way. I have a determination and drive to be who I am which is to be, 100% AUTHENTICALLY ME! Ready and Happy to share my journey with you as I write and speak!

This creatively illuminated content, beautifully and harmoniously brought together, exudes a synergy that attracts like-minded creators and seekers of their own truth. This connected website is created by the creator/CEO/Visionary Nakia Victoria Davis-Thrash-Lovely-Powell-Porter(I know, I know, but it must be done!) to share her experiences on this journey called life, hence Nakia’s Peace of Life has been transformed. You are invited to look-back, be present, and reconnect with that feeling of wholeness and one-ness with I AM.